Peyronie – Penis Curvature Treatment

Peyronie’s disease is one of the important diseases that causes erectile dysfunction in the penis. Although it is seen in different age groups, it is more common in middle and older age groups during sexually active age periods. A structural disorder and an anatomical defect occurs in the penis. It is a disease that is mostly seen with hard palpable plaques in the penile tunica and subsequent curvatures in the penis.

At what age does penis curvature disease occur?
The disease is frequently seen in the 40-60 age group, and cases where the disease resolves spontaneously without any treatment are also reported. On the other hand, sexual activity can also be seen at earlier or later ages.

How is Peyronie’s (curved penis) disease treated?
The time at which disease symptoms begin is very important in determining treatment options. Patient complaints are also taken into consideration. Especially in cases of pain, more careful and pain-reducing treatment is planned.

While the disease is treated with medications in the early stages, surgical treatment option comes to the fore in the more advanced stages, especially in cases of penis deformity (penis curvature).

During the first 1 year when the symptoms of the disease begin, the disease is tried to be controlled with oral medication.

What are the medication and treatment methods for Peyronie’s disease?
Medicines taken orally:
Vitamin E, Colchicine, POT**BA and Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used.

Drugs injected into Peyronie’s Plaque:
These drugs aim to dissolve the hardness. Many different groups of drugs are used for this purpose. There is a large amount of scientific literature about the drug called Ver**pamil, and it is reported that it has a plaque-dissolving effect when sprayed into the plaque in a significant number of patients. Recently Cl. There are various reports that some dissolving drugs obtained from the toxin of the microorganism called Difficile are also effective.

What is the surgical treatment of Peyronie’s disease?
Surgeries to correct the curvature of the penis:
Many surgical techniques have been described and successfully applied to eliminate shortness, curvature or various deformities that occur due to deformity of the penis.

Penile Prosthesis:
Penile prostheses are applied to patients with Peyronie’s disease and severe erectile dysfunction to both correct the curvature and provide rigidity.