Air Ambulance

Our patients and their relatives can reach the Air Ambulance Center at any time of the day.

We are preparing an offer for safe and fast domestic medical transportation service for you as soon as possible. We organize international medical transportation services from bed to bed. Transport of the patient by land ambulance, for example from the hospital abroad to the airport or from the destination airport to the hospital that will treat, is also included in this service.

Özkandan Group, which has adopted a global and humanist way of working as its mission, works with all Turkish countries, especially Azerbaijan, in the field of health and tourism. America, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Nigeria, Ghana, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia. It has officially made all applications to the Ministries of Health of Arabia and Qatar. It is currently transferring patients from these countries. Our company, which was the first to be officially recognized by the Italian State, is one of the two authorized companies that can bring patients by successfully completing the 1-year legal insurance procedure with the United States. We have a dialysis center in Kuwait and a rehabilitation-supported thermal hotel under construction in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

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