Addiction Treatment

In this study to be conducted with Near East University, we foresee a 3-week package program for all addictions (drugs, alcohol, gambling). During these 3 weeks, the patient will undergo detoxification, surgical procedure, post-procedure follow-up, psychotherapy and stitch removal process. When these 3 weeks are completed, the patient can return to his country.

Daily Program

The guest is transferred from the airport and settled in the house where he will stay. Meeting the staff who will accompany and work at the destination.

Exploring the area where the accommodation will take place, accompanied by a coach. Walking, hiking..

Kyrenia Castle, one of the greatest assets of the island that we will visit for a historical and touristic tour, is a castle located in Kyrenia, Cyprus, built by the Byzantines in the 7th century to protect the city against Arab-Islamic raids. After the castle tour, we go down to the touristic Kyrenia port.

Located in one of the unique spots of the island, Korineum Golf Club offers the opportunity to enjoy nature and greenery while experiencing the experience of playing golf with an expert instructor.

What a person misses most in his life is his childhood, innocence, selfless friendships, unique moments spent as a family. To remind the child inside us of those days, we roller skate with a teacher or take a bike tour with a coach.

Allow yourself to empty your mind in a calm atmosphere and lighten your body with the special oils used, with Balinese massage, which is known as an excellent treatment method to regain the harmony between body and mind during the purification period.

Riding experience at the horse farm. This sport helps improve posture when practiced for a long time and also provides balance and coordination.

The day of the implantation procedure.

It helps to eliminate impulses such as grudges, quarrels and anger, and emotions such as anger and grudges, instills patience, and increases the ability to explain oneself and one’s work. We are going to roll up our sleeves in the ceramics workshop that gives you the opportunity to create whatever you desire with your hands.

We are moving to visit Karaman (Karmi Village), located at the foot of the Five Finger Mountains. Karmi is like a corner of paradise on our island, with its narrow walking paths and unusual street names, colorful flowers in the gardens of small village houses, and clean mountain and sea air.

How about working on mental, spiritual and physical calmness with our experienced yoga mindfulness teacher to reduce fatigue in your life journey?

Closed Maraş (Varosha), known as the Ghost City, remained under military control after the 1974 Peace Operation, and was reopened to visitors on October 8, 2020. How about visiting Maraş, which once hosted tourists from all over the world?

We visit the Bellapais Monastery, built in the 12th century during the Roman period in Beylerbeyi village, and after enjoying a walk in the narrow streets nearby, we take a coffee break in a warm environment overlooking the sea at the foot of the mountain.

We visit the strategically important Blue Mansion, which was built on the valley by the Italian-born Pablo Pavilides, the biggest arms smuggler in the Middle East, in order to carry out his smuggling activities more easily.

We play tennis, which is one of the most popular sports all over the world and offers both entertainment and adrenaline to sports enthusiasts with its unique clothes, rules and tournaments, and we make the courts dusty with our expert tennis coaches.

We increase your adrenaline level by taking a safari tour with ATV.

To get to know the capital Nicosia, we go to the historical Walled City, passing through the streets of the city with modern architecture. Büyük Han, Municipal market (bandabuliya), St. We visit the Nickolas Church (Bedesten). We watch Southern Cyprus from the Yiğitler Bastion Park built on the city walls on the island divided into two.

We head to the open seas to witness unforgettable views in the country surrounded by water on all sides. If you wish, you can crown your day by fishing in the peaceful environment of the blue sky.

How about adding another craziness to your rehabilitation program that you will never want to end? We go paragliding to witness all the colors of nature from a bird’s eye view and to taste the unbearable lightness of freedom. Just live in the moment as you soar in the air accompanied by licensed pilots. (Depending on weather conditions)

If you’ve never had the courage to try it before, but you dream of diving one day, here’s your chance. We go diving to explore the depths of the sea and learn about the extraordinary life under the sea. (Depending on weather conditions)

It’s time to prepare for the guest’s collection and return to their country.