Clitoral Hood Reduction (Clitoris Aesthetics)

What is Clistoris Aesthetics?
The clitoris is an important part of the reproductive system and one of the body’s points of intense nerve stimulation. The beginning of the clitoris, which has many sensory nerve endings, is an inverted v-shaped structure located just above the entrance to the vulva and vagina, which forms the external part of the reproductive system. It is in close proximity to the urethra, which is the last part of the urinary tract. Tissue folds of the vulva and skin cover the clitoris. This is called clitoral hood. The clitoris is an anatomical region where sexual pleasure is perceived most intensely during sexual intercourse and has very important functions in terms of female sexual satisfaction and orgasm stimulation.

Just as each body shows unique anatomical characteristics as the reproductive system undergoes changes during the growth and development process in the womb and during childhood; Reproductive system tissues and clitoris appearance also have individual characteristics, and as long as the person’s quality of life is good enough, all external genitalia appearances are beautiful enough. Sometimes, the clitoris tissue may acquire an aesthetically or functionally unsatisfactory appearance due to the influence of surrounding anatomical structures such as vulva, vaginal lips and skin tissues. In addition, due to various factors, an abnormal increase in the size of the clitoris or disorders in the structure of the reproductive organs may occur. In such cases, in addition to disruptions in the functional properties of the reproductive system, negative aesthetic conditions may occur. In clitoris aesthetic applications, there are some invasive procedures that offer various benefits such as anatomically appropriate arrangement of the clitoris and surrounding tissues, protection or correction of reproductive and sexual functions, and providing satisfactory cosmetic results.

How is Clitoris Aesthetics Done?
Clitoris aesthetics is a short surgical procedure that is usually performed on a daily basis. It is not planned for the selected patient to be hospitalized before the procedure and to be followed up in the inpatient ward after the procedure. After the patient’s procedure is planned under outpatient clinic conditions, the patient is admitted to the hospital on the day of the procedure. Local anesthesia is applied to the area before the procedure. When necessary, patients are sedated to relieve pain or discomfort related to the procedure. If necessary, patients can be followed under general anesthesia. The procedure usually takes around 1 hour. Since clitoris aesthetics are generally associated with other areas of the genital area, it can be applied together with aesthetic procedures for the vaginal lips in individuals with anatomical distortion in the genital area. In this regard, during the operation, clitoroplasty or clitoral hood reduction can be performed along with the procedure called labiaplasty, which eliminates the sagging of the vaginal lips.