HPV (genital warts) Treatment in Men

HPV (genital warts) treatment in men

HPV (human papilloma virus) is a virus that causes warts and some organ cancers on the skin and genital organs. There are multiple types of HPV, and different types cause different disease tables. Transmission of HPV (genital warts) in men usually occurs during oral, vaginal or anal sex, oral or genital contact with the genital organs of the HPV-infected partner. In fact, it can also be transmitted by contact with the genital areas without having sexual intercourse. Individuals with multiple sexual partners are more likely to get HPV infection. The fact that most patients do not know they are


infected with HPV facilitates the spread of HPV infection. Most patients show no symptoms when infected with genital warts, often the infection clears up on its own. In some patients, this improvement is not seen and patients have HPV-related health problems.